Apertis is a FOSS (Free and open source) GNU/Linux-based platform tailored to the automotive needs and fit for a wide variety of electronic devices. It is a distribution derived from Debian/Ubuntu and geared towards the creation of product-specific images for ARM and Intel x86 systems.

Apertis comes with a range of built-in features, which can be expanded upon with custom applications that are available through an App Store.

It is not intended to support mission-critical features in vehicles (such as steering, brakes, engine control, etc.), rather provide the information (for example, web navigation, weather information, geolocation, contacts, etc.) and entertainment (for example, radio, music, videos, etc.) features, in an app-centric fashion. It is updated regularly to keep track of features and security fixes.


Apertis is primarily licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0, with images and documentation licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. Individual You can find more information about the licensing for each repository in the COPYING files in each repository.

Apertis also makes use of other projects such as the Linux kernel, WebKit and GNOME libraries which may be licensed under different terms. You can find further information about licenses for these projects from the projects themselves.

You must ensure that you comply with all licensing terms when you use or modify Apertis.