The Apertis project is opening up!

We are planning to open registration on the Apertis GitLab Repository, as part of this we need to update our privacy policy and other conditions.

As a result of these changes, and inline with our policies regarding changes to the privacy policy, we are highlighting the following changes to the privacy policy that we intend to implement on 6 May 2021.

Highlevel Changes:

Privacy Policy

The existing privacy policy was written when Apertis provided a Mediawiki based website. This was removed some time ago and whilst small changes were made to make it more relevant to the Apertis services provided today, it does not meet our requirements, specifically around topics like GDPR compliance. As a result, the document is being replaced with the new privacy policy.

Terms of use

The current website contains a general disclaimer and a copyright document. These cover some of the topics that typically get included in Terms of Use, however the Apertis project currently does not have a set of Terms of Use that are suitable to cover our planned opening of registration for GitLab and also suitable for the current services provided by Apertis. To remedy this, the above two documents will be removed and replaced by a single set of Terms of Use to cover all Apertis services.