The recommended ARM 32-bit hardware is the i.MX6 Sabrelite. Please see its setup guide for first-time setup. The following optional extras may be of interest.

If you currently don’t have access to any supported hardware, the amd64 images can be run on a virtual machine.

Reference Hardware Comments
ARM reference device i.MX6 Sabrelite Setup guide
Power source The 5V+ power source unit that should come with the i.MX6 Sabrelite
SD card Full-sized SD card (or microSD in full-size adapter), 16GB or larger Speed class C10/U1 or better recommended
Recommended: 100 Mbit network switch or hub Use a network connection that does not support gigabit Workaround for reliability issues with this particular hardware when using gigabit
Recommended: LVDS panel touchscreen HannStar HSD100PXN1-A00-C11
Recommended: LVDS panel cable Cable for LVDS panel
Recommended: USB to serial adapter USB<->serial adapter cable To look at the console
Recommended: USB keyboard USB keyboard
Optional: Attached camera OV5640-based 5MP MIPI attached camera module