UP Squared 6000 series board based on the latest Intel Atom x6425RE processors.

UP Squared 6000 AT 08/64 board

Required items

You should have at least:

  • 1 UP Squared 6000 board. Available on up-shop.
  • 1 Power Supply 12V/6A DC. This is designated for UP Squared 6000, check up-shop.
  • 1 USB mass-storage device. At least 4GB for fixedfunction image and 15GB for HMI image.

In order to connect to the debug console UART, you also need:

  • 10-pin wafer box connector cable. Available from the up-shop.
  • 3.3V Serial cable (for example, an FTDI cable).
  • Depending on the type of serial cable: jumper wires.

Optional items

You may also need a:

  • Intel AX210 wifi module, for wireless/bluetooth connectivity.
  • Lilliput touchscreen, required if using the HMI image.

Board setup

  1. Download the Intel 64-bit (amd64) HMI or fixedfunction image and .bmap file.
  2. Flash the image to a USB mass-storage device (e.g. /dev/sda) using command:
sudo bmaptool copy path/to/image.img.gz /dev/sda
  1. Plug the USB mass-storage device in the board.
  2. Plug in the UART 10-pin header cable on the USB 2.0 / UART wafer. Connect to the serial console running any terminal emulator like:
picocom /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200
  1. Plug in the power supply and wait for it to boot.

Serial console

The 10-pin header adapter from the up-shop brings three UART connectors out of the USB 2.0 / UART wafer.

UP Squared 6000 AT 08/64 board serial

Check the official board documentation for serial console access.

CN7 pin Description Group Adapter connector
1 USB_VCC USB 1 USB 2.0 plug
5 USB_VCC USB 1 USB 2.0 plug
9 UART0_RXD UART0 3-pin: pin 2 (red)
10 UART0_TXD 3-pin: pin 1 (white, with ▲ mark)
4, 8 GND 3-pin: pin 3 (black)

Serial console BIOS configuration

In order to get the login prompt on the serial console, the following steps needs to be configured:

  • Enter BIOS setup pressing <DEL> or <ESC> during boot.
  • Go to tab Advanced -> HSUART Configurations.
  • Disable option Windows UART Sub Device Report.

Wi-Fi module

Optionally, the Intel AX210 wifi module can be used for wireless/bluetooth connectivity. This can be attached to the M.2 2230 E-KEY slot on the board as detailed on the following picture:

UP Squared 6000 AT 08/64 Wi-Fi module


If you have a Lilliput touchscreen, note that because it combines HDMI video and USB for the touchscreen into one connector, it needs to be used with the special cable provided:

  • Connect the two-tailed HDMI connector to the UP Board (through the type A to type D adaptor).
  • Connect the USB lead to the UP Board.
  • Connect the one-tailed HDMI connector to the Lilliput.
  • Power up the Lilliput.

As in the diagram:

          | HD ---------------- "HDMI" |
UP-BOARD  | MI --\                     | SCREEN
          |      |                     |
          | USB -/                     |