This section provides documentation with a high level view of Apertis and its key concepts.


The Apertis Platform

Apertis is a versatile open source distribution and associated infrastructure, originally tailored to automotive use cases, but which has grown to be a fit for a wide variety of electronic devices. While Apertis provides components both for deployment on target devices and to meet the needs of development workflows, these are clearly separated, with special care taken to ensure that components intended for deliverables are free from problematic licensing constraints. [Read More]

Apertis Platform Technical Vision

Overview The intention of this document is to outline the Apertis technical direction and vision for the Apertis platform as it would be used on a device, container or VM. This document does not cover the overall Apertis infrastructure and its general principles around for example open source license expectations, image building and the release process. These topics are covered in their own respective documents. Apertis is, by design, a very flexible platform to build on. [Read More]

Product examples

Apertis is used on industrial embedded devices available in the market. Some examples of products using Apertis-based operating systems include: Atari VCS The Atari VCS is a game console allowing to play, among other things, thousands of classics games. The device is also capable of using a PC mode for multimedia or office purposes. Bosch Wallscanner D-tect 200 The Bosch Wallscanner D-tect 200 is a professional tool to scan walls and detect objects inside them preventing damage during drilling, and measuring concrete coverage. [Read More]


Apertis is a free software project which is designed and developed in the open. The Apertis community is made up of both contributors who work to improve Apertis and users. Join the community The best ways to get in touch with the community are through: Mailing lists The devel mailing list is the place to discuss Apertis development and project. If you are interested in adding a new mailing list, please contact listmaster@apertis. [Read More]


These are some of the slides and presentations which members of the Apertis community have previously shared (ordered newest to oldest): 2024 Apertis - A Collaborative Industrial Grade Linux Construction Kit Introduction to Apertis by Philipp Ahmann slides Presented at the EOSS NA 2024 Blast from the past at Embedded World: Atari plays for Linux A modern take on creating an open GNU/Linux console: the Atari VCS Booth at the Embedded World 2024 2023 Debian in your (future) car? [Read More]