Apertis is a Debian derivative distribution geared towards the creation of product-specific images for ARM (both the 32bit ARMv7 and 64-bit ARMv8 versions using the hardfloat ABI) and Intel x86-64 (64-bit) systems.

Apertis v2022.7 is the last stable release of the Apertis v2022 stable release flow. Apertis is committed to maintaining the v2022 release stream up to the end of 2023.

This Apertis release is built on top of Debian Bullseye with several customisations and the Linux kernel 5.15.x LTS series.

Test results for the v2022.7 release are available in the following test reports:

Release flow

  • 2020 Q4: v2022dev0
  • 2021 Q1: v2022dev1
  • 2021 Q2: v2022dev2
  • 2021 Q3: v2022dev3
  • 2021 Q4: v2022pre
  • 2022 Q1: v2022.0
  • 2022 Q2: v2022.1
  • 2022 Q3: v2022.3
  • 2022 Q4: v2022.3
  • 2023 Q1: v2022.4
  • 2023 Q2: v2022.5
  • 2023 Q3: v2022.6
  • 2023 Q4: v2022.7

Release downloads

Apertis v2022.7 images
Intel 64-bit fixedfunction hmi base SDK SDK
ARM 32-bit (U-Boot) fixedfunction hmi
ARM 64-bit (U-Boot) fixedfunction
ARM 64-bit (Raspberry Pi) fixedfunction hmi

The Intel fixedfunction and hmi images are tested on the reference hardware (UP Squared 6000), but they can run on any UEFI-based x86-64 system. The sdk image is tested under VirtualBox.

Apertis v2022.7 package list

The full list of packages available from the v2022.7 APT repositories is available in tab-separated value (TSV) format for easy processing in spreadsheets:

Apertis v2022.7 repositories

deb https://repositories.apertis.org/apertis/ v2022 target development sdk


This is a point release in the stable cycle, only security fixes and small changes are appropriate for this release stream.

This release includes the security updates from Debian Bullseye and the latest LTS Linux kernel on the 5.15.x series.

Deprecations and ABI/API breaks


No known regressions.


No known deprecations.


No known breaks.


Apertis Docker images

The Apertis Docker images provide a unified and easily reproducible build environment for developers and services.

As of today, this includes the apertis-base, apertis-image-builder, apertis-package-source-builder, apertis-flatdeb-builder, apertis-documentation-builder, and apertis-testcases-builder, Docker images.


Image daily builds, as well as release builds can be found at https://images.apertis.org/

Infrastructure overview

The Apertis Image Recipes provides an overview of the image building process and the involved services.

Known issues


  • Issue #363 aum-ota-rollback-blacklist: test failed
  • Issue #365 aum-ota-auto: test failed
  • Issue #366 aum-ota-signed: test failed
  • Issue #371 aum-out-of-space: test failed
  • Issue #411 aum-ota-out-of-space: test failed
  • Issue #419 High level tracking of AUM issues
  • Issue #431 Package rust-coreutils does not provide license mapping information
  • Issue #437 Weekly images are not linked properly
  • Issue #457 aum-offline-upgrade-signed: test failed
  • Issue #458 aum-api: test failed
  • Issue #461 sdk-debos-image-building: test failed
  • Issue #466 AUM out of space tests fail on amd64
  • Issue #469 aum-power-cut: test failed
  • Issue #470 connman: test failed
  • Issue #472 aum-offline-upgrade: test failed
  • Issue #473 aum-rollback-blacklist: test failed
  • Issue #474 “WiFi WPA3-Transition-Mode access point” (AP mode) connection is not re-established after rebooting AP.
  • Issue #476 “apertis-update-manager-usb-unplug” is getting failed. Update is not starting automatically
  • Issue #483 disagrees about version of symbol module_layout during and after Linux Image upgrade
  • Issue #484 dpkg fails to update linux-image-amd64 in daily/weelky basesdk images of v2024pre


  • Issue #7 Crash when initialising egl on ARM target
  • Issue #9 System users are shipped in /usr/etc/passwd instead of /lib/passwd
  • Issue #32 Gitlab pipeline OBS job reported “success” but OBS build was “unresolvable”
  • Issue #36 dashboard: gnome-settings-daemon-data incorrectly flagged as missing the git repository
  • Issue #49 “firmware: failed to load” logs seen during boot
  • Issue #66 Some binaries in the toolchain tarball are huge
  • Issue #114 ci-package-builder tests fail due to OBS branches not being cleaned up
  • Issue #118 tiny-container-system-connectivity-profile: test failed
  • Issue #219 Eclipse-ide-cpp can’t show preview of markdown files (.md)
  • Issue #230 WebProcess CRASHED error is seen on executing webkit related testcases
  • Issue #246 tiny-container-user-connectivity-profile: test failed
  • Issue #252 tiny-container-system-basic: test failed
  • Issue #256 OBS: Backend doesn’t start immediately upon restart
  • Issue #273 Debos build output hidden on GitLab job view can only be seen in the raw log file
  • Issue #331 Frequent 504 Errors repeatedly causing pipelines to be marked as failed
  • Issue #333 tiny-container-user-aa-enforcement: test failed
  • Issue #337 flatpak-run-demo-cli-app: test failed
  • Issue #338 psdk-test not executing properly.
  • Issue #339 Up Squared 6000 board fails to boot randomly
  • Issue #342 tiny-container-system-aa-enforcement: test failed
  • Issue #344 tiny-container-user-basic: test failed
  • Issue #357 Instability issue in bluez-phone test case for Up Squared 6000 board
  • Issue #377 import-debian-package issues during package import
  • Issue #378 apparmor-gstreamer1-0: test failed
  • Issue #396 Pipeline to build package fails during build-source for texlive-extra
  • Issue #413 obs-runner: Disabled architectures on a OBS package get re-enabled when CI creates a branch
  • Issue #415 sdk-vb-fullscreen test case is failing on 2024dev3 image.
  • Issue #418 aum-offline-upgrade-branch fails on v2022
  • Issue #432 tiny-container-user-folder-sharing: test failed
  • Issue #438 pstore-test case is getting failed in armhf
  • Issue #441 tiny-container-user-device-sharing: test failed
  • Issue #445 sdk-performance-tools-gprof: test failed
  • Issue #455 tiny-container-system-folder-sharing: test failed
  • Issue #459 tiny-container-system-device-sharing: test failed
  • Issue #465 tiny-container-system-seccomp: test failed
  • Issue #478 tiny-container-user-seccomp: test failed


  • Issue #15 Fix the kernel command line generation in OSTRee for FIT image
  • Issue #23 Remote outputs and local output, buffer size combined in Maynard/GTK
  • Issue #65 Terminal at xfce desktop corrupted after debos call
  • Issue #206 AUM rollback tests fail on UP Squared 6000 board
  • Issue #211 AUM power cut tests fail on UP Squared 6000 board
  • Issue #270 Issue in playing the Video on HMI armhf
  • Issue #382 Investigate why gitlab is sending warnings about new sign ons from internal IPs