The recommended Intel 64-bit reference hardware is the UP Squared 6000 board. Please see its setup guide for first-time setup. The following optional extras may be of interest.

If you currently don’t have access to any supported hardware, the amd64 images can be run on a virtual machine.

Reference Hardware Status Comments
Intel reference device UP Squared 6000 board Daily tests available Setup guide
Old Intel reference device MinnowBoard Turbot Dual-Core (E3826) No longer tested Setup guide The system does not come with a power-supply, be sure to order one separately.
Old Intel reference device MinnowBoard Turbot Quad-Core (E3845) No longer tested
Optional: Multitouch screen Lilliput FA1014-NP/C/T Only needed for developers of multitouch applications or working with the multitouch stack. Other developers can just use a HDMI monitor. Monitor does not ship with a stand - needs to be bought separately Monitor also functions as audio output.