Secure Automotive Cloud 14.12 Release

14.12 is the current development distribution of Secure Automotive Cloud (SAC), a Debian/Ubuntu derivative distribution geared towards the creation of product-specific images for ARM (ARMv7 using the hardfloat API) and Intel i386 (32-bit Intel) systems. Features planned for SAC can be found in the Roadmap page.

What’s available in the distribution?

The software stack in 14.12 is comprised of the following technologies:

  • Linux 3.16
  • Graphical subsystem based on Xorg X server 1.16.0 and Clutter 1.18.4 with full Multi-Touch support
  • Network management subsytem provided by ConnMan 1.21, BlueZ 4.101 and Ofono 1.14
  • Multimedia support provided by GStreamer 1.0.
  • The Telepathy framework, with XMPP and SIP support
  • The Folks contact management framework
  • The Clutter port of the WebKit browser engine with support for WebGL

What’s in the distribution?

This release focused the work mostly on setting up infrastructure and updating documentation in preparation for a public release.

  • Public wiki
  • B&I services
    • OBS
    • Git repositories
    • images and packages repositories
    • LAVA server
  • Source Code Readiness
  • Updated Concept Designs
  • Updated Feature Documentation
  • Updated Test Case Documentation
  • Evaluation of Wayland
  • Evaluation of Webkit2-GTK+

Release downloads

SAC 14.12 images
Intel 32-bit
  • SAC 14.12 repositories:

 deb` 14.12 target development sdk hmi`

  • SAC 14.12 infrastructure tools:

 deb jessie tools  deb` jessie-14.12 tools`

SAC 14.12 Release

This release builds on the Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) as base distribution. The 14.12 release has been verified in the 14.12 test report.

Source Code Readiness

Ongoing work to ensure the SAC source code is ready to be published with an open source licensed.

When ready, it will be available at the Source Code Repositories.

Webkit2GTK+ Evaluation

  • Moving to WebKit2GTK+ evaluation

Wayland Evaluation

Concept Designs

This is a set of technical documents comprising many aspects of the project, written through the history of the project, taking into account the situation of each field at that time. Information in these documents may be outdated, but it is nonetheless import to provide context for the decision making process and overall vision of the project.

The designs are available here.

Feature Documentation

Updated documentation for the features developed during the project.

Here is a list of the available documentation.

Build and Integration

During Q4 cycle, several activities have been carried out to be able to set all SAC infrastructure in place. Most interesting remarks follow below:

Distribution Bootstrap

Imported into Collabora’s OBS a snapshot of Krishna distribution, while being in development, synced it against latest Ubuntu Utopic (14.10) release:

  • Remove target dependencies on GPLv3 GNU GMP. (In target runtime, every package needs that needs GMP needs to be linked against libgmp3c2 instead libgmp10, per project license requirements. Note that latest GNU GMP (providing libgmp10) is still needed by GNU GCC toolchain)
  • Update for newer dpkg, which needed latest GCC toolchain (gcc-4.9, binutils, glibc, …)
  • Update toolchain default to gcc-4.9
  • Update Linux kernel to 3.16 (as Ubuntu Utopic ships)
  • Re-include lost delta on libdrm (needs to build libkms)
  • Transition to newer Perl ABI from 5.18 to 5.20
  • Transition to newer Ruby ABI from 1.9.3 to 2.1
  • Merge latest LibreOffice in Ubuntu Utopic
  • Update maven Java packages to latest versions
  • Update Haskell (ghc) packages
  • Transition to newer boost1.55
  • Source package removals/inclusion:
    • gccgo-4.9 - build now by gcc-4.9
    • add new cross compiler version, gcc-4.9-armhf-cross
    • remove Linux and U-Boot Chaiwala packages
  • Package updates and merges:
    • Several build fixes, including: glibmm2.4, subversion, xen, etc.
    • Shuffle several packages to satisfy dependencies from development to target; and from sdk to development.

Build Projects

At Collabora’s OBS instance, additional component was added for UI/Application packages, HMI. As well as keeping Target, Development and SDK components, and Tools built against Debian Jessie.

Shared Repositories

Repositories are found at:

 deb` 14.12 target development sdk hmi`

 deb` jessie-14.12 target development sdk hmi`


Image daily builds, as well as release builds can be found at:

Use your Collabora credentials to access those until those get publicly published.

Test Framework

LAVA service at Collabora triggers test cases upon image builds, service is found at:

Test Cases

A list of 120 Test Cases have been added to the wiki. This also includes several templates for test case development and required documentation for different test case steps.

The list of available test cases can be found here.

Issue Tracker

A issue tracker for SAC has been deployed and configured at:


A wiki has been deployed and populated with updated documentation for SAC

Mailing List

A mailing list setup and configuration has been deferred for next quarter release (15.03).

Known issues

No known issues at the moment. Tests are still in progress.