This text documents what you can expect from the Apertis community online and at events and, in turn, what we expect from you.

We believe that people generally mean well. Excepting strong evidence to the contrary, we ask that you do the same. We favour communication over confrontation. Most issues that arise during day-to-day contribution to any software project and at events can be resolved by communication between the affected parties.

People make mistakes. Good people are capable of engaging in thoughtless actions and are capable of making thoughtless remarks. Sometimes these actions and words cross a line. Even if you are not yourself offended by this behaviour, we ask that you discretely remind people that others may be. We do not engage in public shaming of any kind and we ask the same from you.

We expect everyone to treat others with respect, no matter their level of contribution to the project.

In the event of serious offences or in case you do not feel comfortable confronting someone yourself, some individuals that you can approach for help can be designated. These people can help mediate conflicts or can simply take an individual aside and let them know that their behaviour was unacceptable. Your privacy will be maintained to the degree that you request. In very serious situations, we will help you with contacting the local police and filing a report where possible.

Apertis does not engage in discrimination. Everyone is welcome in all community communication channels and at all events.

Who can I approach?

Senior representatives of the Apertis project can be contacted via email at


The first version of this page was based on a code of conduct by Allison Ryan Lortie <>