This section contains the release notes and schedules for all current and previous releases of Apertis. Please refer to the release schedule and release flow for more information.

Next planned releases:

Milestone 2023.6 2024.2 v2025dev3
Start of Release Cycle 2024-07-01 2024-07-01 2024-07-01
Soft Feature Freeze 2024-07-31 2024-08-07 2024-08-14
Hard Feature Freeze / Soft Code Freeze 2024-08-07 2024-08-14 2024-08-21
Release Candidate (RC1) / Hard Code Freeze 2024-08-14 2024-08-21 2024-08-28
Release 2024-08-29 2024-09-05 2024-09-12

v2025dev2 Release Notes

Apertis is a Debian derivative distribution geared towards the creation of product-specific images for ARM (both the 32bit ARMv7 and 64-bit ARMv8 versions using the hardfloat ABI) and Intel x86-64 (64-bit) systems. Apertis v2025dev2 is the second development release of the Apertis v2025 stable release flow that will lead to the LTS Apertis v2025.0 release in March 2025. This Apertis release is built on top of Debian Bookworm along with several customizations and it ships the latest Linux kernel 6. [Read More]

v2025dev3 Release schedule

The v2025dev3 release cycle is scheduled to start in July 2024. Milestone Date Start of release cycle 2024-07-01 Soft feature freeze: end of feature proposal and review period 2024-08-14 Soft code freeze/hard feature freeze: end of feature development for this release, only bugfixes allowed 2024-08-21 Release candidate 1 (RC1)/hard code freeze: no new code changes may be made after this date 2024-08-28 RC testing 2024-08-29..09-11 v2025dev3 release 2024-09-12 If the release candidate 1 does not successfully pass all required tests, then the issues will be fixed and a new release candidate will be re-tested. [Read More]

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