These are the instructions to prepare a device for use as a DUT in the Apertis LAVA automated test laboratory. See Reference_Hardware/imx6q_sabrelite_setup for the recommended setup for developers’ devices.

Setting up an imx6q-sabrelite device for LAVA

When running the SABRE Lite as a DUT in LAVA, we install U-Boot in the SPI NOR Flash memory. This allows the software under test to be loaded as an image, including it’s own bootloader, on the SD card.

LAVA will typically make the device boot twice: first with the persistent bootloader in the SPI memory to download and write an OS image on the SD card, then reboot automatically a second time from the SD card with the freshly flashed image.

  • Disable autoboot with the following commands:
=> setenv bootdelay -1
=> saveenv

Rebooting from the SD card

Once U-Boot has been loaded from the SPI flash, it is possible to set a hardware register flag and reboot the board on the SD card with the commands below (LAVA job definition snippet):

 - boot:      namespace: system      method: u-boot      commands: ['mw.l 0x020d8040 0x3040 && mw.l 0x020d8044 0x10000000', 'reset']

This flag is not persistent so these commands need to be run every time the board needs to boot from the SD card.