Secure Automotive Cloud 15.03 Release

15.03 is the current development distribution of Secure Automotive Cloud (SAC), a Debian/Ubuntu derivative distribution geared towards the creation of product-specific images for ARM (ARMv7 using the hardfloat API) and Intel x86 (64/32-bit Intel) systems. Features planned for SAC can be found in the Roadmap page.

What’s available in the distribution?

The software stack in 15.03 is comprised of the following technologies:

  • Linux 3.16
  • Graphical subsystem based on Xorg X server 1.16.0 and Clutter 1.18.4 with full Multi-Touch support
  • Network management subsytem provided by ConnMan 1.27, BlueZ 4.101 and Ofono 1.14
  • Multimedia support provided by GStreamer 1.0.
  • The Telepathy framework, with XMPP and SIP support
  • The Folks contact management framework
  • The Clutter port of the WebKit browser engine with support for WebGL

What’s in the distribution?

  • Source Code Readiness
  • Evaluation of Wayland
  • Evaluation of Webkit2-GTK+
  • Multi-user concept design

Release downloads

SAC 15.03 images
Intel 32-bit
Intel 64-bit / Minnowboard MAX
  • SAC 15.03 repositories:

 deb` 15.03 target development sdk hmi`

  • SAC 15.03 infrastructure tools:

For Debian Jessie based systems:

 deb` jessie tools`

For Ubuntu Trusty based systems:

 deb` trusty tools`

SAC 15.03 Release

This release builds on the Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) as base distribution. The 15.03 release has been verified in the 15.03 test report.

Source Code Readiness

Several applications and services have been moved to public git repositories at The released projects include:

  • Barkway - System popup management and display service
  • Beckfoot - Network interface management service
  • Canterbury - Application management and process control service
  • Chalgrove - Application and service management service
  • Corbridge - Bluetooth management service
  • Didcot - Data sharing and file opening service
  • Eye - Video player application
  • Frampton - Audio player application
  • Libclapton - System information and logging library
  • Libgrassmoor - Media information and playback library
  • Liblightwood - Widget library
  • Libseaton - Persistent data management library
  • Libthornbury - UI utility library
  • Mildenhall-launcher - Application launcher application
  • Mildenhall-mutter-plugin - Window management plugin
  • Mildenhall-popup-layer - Popup display application
  • Mildenhall-settings - System and application configuration application
  • Mildenhall-statusbar - Status bar application
  • Mildenhall - UI widget library
  • Newport - Download manager application
  • Plymouth-theme-mrs - MRS plymouth theme
  • Prestwood - Disk mounter application
  • Rhayader - Web browser application
  • Ribchester - Application mounter
  • Shapwick - Resource monitor application
  • Tinwell - Media playback service

Build packages have been created in OBS as well, to be included in package repositories and images.

Webkit2GTK+ Evaluation

A document explaining the need for switching away from WebKit Clutter and assessing the move to WebKit2GTK+ was written and discussed during 2015Q1. Its recommendations have been accepted and work is beginning to make the move a reality now, with a roadmap and a very basic release to be delivered in Q2.

Wayland Evaluation

A document explaining the need for reasons for away from X11 and assessing the move to a wayland ased compositor system was written and discussed during 2015Q1 (WaylandEvaluation). Its recommendations have been accepted and work is beginning to make the move a reality now, with a roadmap and a first alpha release to be delivered later this year.

Multi-user concept document

Updated a design document for some of the possible multi-user use cases, with a particular focus on rapid switching between non-concurrent users so that a passenger can assist the driver: Multi-User design, version 0.4.1


During Q1 cycle, several activities have been carried out to be able to set all SAC infrastructure in place. Most interesting remarks follow below:

OBS Build Projects

At Collabora’s OBS instance:

Shared Repositories

Repositories are found at:

 deb` 15.03 target development sdk hmi`

To be able to access those, a temporary user/passwd has been created until properly publicly published: Username: sac-dev Password: Apa8Uo1mIeNgie6u


Image daily builds, as well as release builds can be found at:

Use your Collabora credentials to access those until those get publicly published.

Image build tools can be found in the SAC tools repositories. Note that a string is added to package version depending on the distribution suite based on. For example, if trusty system is to be used expect to install image-builder_4trusty1

Package Version
image-builder, image-tools 4
sac-image-configs, sac-image-scripts 6
linaro-image-tools, python-linaro-image-tools 2012.09.1-1co38
parted, libparted0debian1 2.3-11ubuntu1co3
python-debian 0.1.25

Test Framework

LAVA service at Collabora triggers test cases upon image builds, service is found at:

The list of available test cases, including those can be found here.

LAVA service packages are available in the SAC tools repository. To be able to install it, please follow instructions

Mailing List

A mailing list setup and configuration has been deferred for next quarter release (15.06).

Known issues

AppArmor tests

  • The apparmor-functional-demo test is partially failing. This is a bug in the test, not in the functionality: fixes are believed to be ready for Q2 ()
  • The apparmor-geoclue test occasionally stalls without output, in a way that blocks other testing from proceeding. It has been omitted from regular automated testing and will be further investigated during Q2 (, )
  • The apparmor-gstreamer1.0 test timed out on ARM, with no output within 90 seconds. It is not clear why. This will be further investigated during Q2 ()
  • The apparmor-webkit-clutter test intermittently fails with an X11 error. This is a failure to start the webkit-clutter browser used for the test, not a failure in AppArmor’s confinement of it. ()
  • Xorg and many of the components originating in appfw/guifw have incomplete AppArmor profiles, which log “complaints” to the audit log for operations that should be allowed without complaint. This might cause manual AppArmor tests to fail when an unrelated component triggers complaints at the wrong time; for instance, we think this is what is happening in . For now, developer interpretation of log files will be needed to determine whether these AppArmor complaints should be counted as a real test failure or not. (Bug reports for 15.06 requesting more complete AppArmor profiles during Q2: )

Other tests

  • The folks-extended-info test intermittently fails. This appears to be a race condition in the Folks contact library: the extended info is correctly saved to the address book, and the test expects that the new extended info is signalled to the application immediately, but in fact it is sometimes signalled to the application a few main-loop iterations later. In GUI applications, this will not have any noticeable effect in practice. ()
  • The flickr test-case in the librest test failed on ARM. It is not clear why. This will be further investigated during Q2 ()
  • Two test cases in the webkit-clutter-javascriptcore test set fail. Given: 1) this has not materialized in browser misbehaviour that blocks development 2) our priority shifted towards a move to WebKit2GTK+, and 3) a new upstream merge will land after 15.03, Collabora decided not to spend time on this bug for now ()
  • All test cases in the webkit-clutter-layout test failed on LAVA. This was also happening on a regular image running on a VM due to a bug in the test tool causing it to look for the DejaVu fonts at the wrong path. That bug was fixed and tests now work on a regular VM, but fail on LAVA. This will be further investigated during Q2 ()
  • The telepathy-ring-sms test has been seen failing with error “SMS service is not available” in some setups. This will be further investigated during Q2 ()