Apertis hosts its own package subset on the Apertis GitLab instance. On successful completion of the CI pipeline these are uploaded to Collabora’s Open Build Service (OBS) instance where the packages are formally built and hosted for Apertis.

Packages Guidelines

The package set is distributed in several groups: target, development, sdk, hmi, helper-libs. Those groups are merged in a single repository, and split in what distribution names repository components (target, development, sdk, hmi, helper-libs).

Each of these repository components have different constraints regarding the type of package that can be hosted. Check the licensing documentation for details.

  • Source packages modified from upstream distribution include a versioning suffix ‘co’.
  • Source packages in SDK are built only for supported SDK architectures (Intel 64 bit)
  • Source packages in target, development, hmi, helper-libs are built for all supported architectures (ARM hard float, ARM 64bit, Intel 64 bit)

Target images contain target, hmi components. At build time, target images can refer to development components.

Requesting a new package

If a new package is desired, the request should be made following the relevant process.